How to tame pigs in Minecraft


How to tame pigs in Minecraft

The most popular farm animal mob in Minecraft is the pig. They can be found in many biomes, including forests, plains, and biomes with good light levels and grass blocks. These mobs can be found in the wild even by new players. They are passive and can be easily killed or found by players.

There are many mobs that can be controlled by players, but pigs cannot technically be 'tamed'. There are however ways to keep them as pets. Although pigs are often bred to be killed and eaten, players can also keep them as pets by using an unusual method.

How to keep Minecraft Pigs as pets and tame them in Minecraft

1) Locate pigs and lure them

First, players must find some pigs to 'tame' in their world. These mobs can be found in all biomes, as they are very common. They can be attracted by carrots and potatoes once they are found. These two vegetable items are only available in villages, as they cannot be found in nature.

Potatoes and carrots are food items that allow them to go into 'love mode' and conceive a baby porcine. These items can be used to lure wild mobs towards their base.

2) Put a saddle on them, and give them a name

Once they have the mob, players can give it food and encourage them to breed more potatoes and carrots. They are not considered pets and their mental health is not affected by breeding them. There are several artificial methods to “tame” them.

This is something that many new players don't realize. However, rare saddles can be attached to these mobs to allow them to ride them. They won't have the same ability to control them as horses, so players will not be able ride them. Players will need to create a 'Carrot on a Stick,' which includes a carrot and a fishing pole to lure them forward while they are being ridden.

Players can name the pigs with name tags once they have placed a saddle on it. These mobs can be 'tamed' by players and kept as pets.

Even after being tamed that pig can be used to help Minecraft players breed more. Name tag and saddle texture are used to identify your pet among other pigs near it.