Hosting own Minecraft server?


Hosting own Minecraft server?

It's no surprise that Minecraft is so beloved and agile that so many people are interested in setting up their own Minecraft servers.

There are many ways to play Minecraft with your friends. However, the best is to use a Minecraft server hosted online.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the modern-day version of a timeless classic. It's even been called virtual Lego before. It might be incorrect, as Minecraft is so popular that it has its own Lego theme!

This game's simple graphics and basic gameplay have made it a huge success.

Minecraft's supportive fan base has enabled it to reach almost all digital platforms from desktop computers to mobile devices to consoles and consoles. Minecraft can be downloaded in its original form or in one of the many customized builds that developers and fans have made.

Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft

While Minecraft can be played alone, multiplayer mode allows you to interact with other players. This can lead to many different outcomes depending on the environment.

Players can choose to wage war, co-op quests or just co-exist peacefully on their virtual land plots. There are four options for multiplayer mode:

Minimum requirements for Minecraft server hosting

Hosting games can be difficult, as they consume more resources than other web applications. Minecraft is not a resource hog, and can be hosted on web servers with very basic specifications.

This is still taking into consideration basic Minecraft setups – pure Vanilla, as they call them. These installations, and a 10 player average player group, can be done with minimal VPS hosting.