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Hosting Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers are crucial in online and multiplayer gaming. Servers allow players to connect, which allows them to play together in games even though they may be located at different places. Players can interact with one another in games as long as they are connected to the same server. This allows both cooperative and competitive play. […]

Minecraft duplication plugin?

With its ability to speed up the growth of plants and trees, Bonemeal is a well-known item in Minecraft. One Reddit user created a plugin that duplicates End Crystals and Glow Squids and all other objects and creatures in Minecraft. Mods and Minecraft plugins have been around for as long as Minecraft has existed. Even […]

Hosting own Minecraft server?

It’s no surprise that Minecraft is so beloved and agile that so many people are interested in setting up their own Minecraft servers. There are many ways to play Minecraft with your friends. However, the best is to use a Minecraft server hosted online. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is the modern-day version of a timeless […]