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How to tame pigs in Minecraft

The most popular farm animal mob in Minecraft is the pig. They can be found in many biomes, including forests, plains, and biomes with good light levels and grass blocks. These mobs can be found in the wild even by new players. They are passive and can be easily killed or found by players. There are many […]

How to dewax your copper in Minecraft

You can place wax on copper in Minecraft to prevent it from oxidizing. The 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update introduced oxidization. This new feature will cause copper blocks to slowly turn green, unless it is prevented. This is where wax comes in. A copper block can be kept at its initial stage by applying wax to it. However, […]

Best ways to repair items in Minecraft

Minecraft, a sandbox-based game, was first released over a decade back. The game’s popularity has grown significantly over the years and has been updated many times. There are so many features in Minecraft that beginners don’t know about. Minecraft has a number of useful features, including the ability to repair weapons and tools. Guide to Repairing Items […]

Wolves in Minecraft dungeons

Wolves are a very useful mob in Minecraft Dungeons. While they are fun and useful in Minecraft and other games, their usefulness and importance is greater in Minecraft Dungeons. They’re used to aid players in fighting off mobs. They don’t live long, so their only purpose is to help players fight off mobs until they die. Minecraft allows […]

All armor types in Minecraft

Rmor is an equippable item that can be used in Minecraft. It is essential for all players. It can be worn by players to protect them from various damage types, including falling, fire and melee attacks. There are many types of armor available in Minecraft. They range from netherite to leather in price. Each type of armor […]

Best biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft has seen many biomes added and modified over its lifetime, resulting in a wide variety of worlds that offer different locations to players. There are so many biomes in Minecraft that players might feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. You may not be able to tell how helpful certain resources, mobs, or generated structures are. […]

Things to look out for in Lush caves

One of the most popular biomes in Minecraft 1.18 is the Lush Caves biome. Players jumped in the game as soon as the update was available in November 2021 to discover the new cave biomes. These new cave biomes offer many new experiences and items for players to collect. Minecraft 1.18 allows players to search for […]

Turtle farming in Minecraft

A turtle shell can be used as both a helmet and a brewing ingredient in Minecraft. The Potion of the Turtle Master can be made by brewing it into a potion. It can be worn as a helmet to provide players with two levels of protection. This is the same as an Iron helmet. It is also more […]

Hosting Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers are crucial in online and multiplayer gaming. Servers allow players to connect, which allows them to play together in games even though they may be located at different places. Players can interact with one another in games as long as they are connected to the same server. This allows both cooperative and competitive play. […]

Minecraft duplication plugin?

With its ability to speed up the growth of plants and trees, Bonemeal is a well-known item in Minecraft. One Reddit user created a plugin that duplicates End Crystals and Glow Squids and all other objects and creatures in Minecraft. Mods and Minecraft plugins have been around for as long as Minecraft has existed. Even […]