How to tame pigs in Minecraft

The most popular farm animal mob in Minecraft is the pig. They can be found in many biomes, including forests, plains, and biomes with good light levels and grass blocks. These mobs can be found in the wild even by new players. They are passive and can be easily killed or found by players.

There are many mobs that can be controlled by players, but pigs cannot technically be ‘tamed’. There are however ways to keep them as pets. Although pigs are often bred to be killed and eaten, players can also keep them as pets by using an unusual method.

How to keep Minecraft Pigs as pets and tame them in Minecraft

1) Locate pigs and lure them

First, players must find some pigs to ‘tame’ in their world. These mobs can be found in all biomes, as they are very common. They can be attracted by carrots and potatoes once they are found. These two vegetable items are only available in villages, as they cannot be found in nature.

Potatoes and carrots are food items that allow them to go into ‘love mode’ and conceive a baby porcine. These items can be used to lure wild mobs towards their base.

2) Put a saddle on them, and give them a name

Once they have the mob, players can give it food and encourage them to breed more potatoes and carrots. They are not considered pets and their mental health is not affected by breeding them. There are several artificial methods to “tame” them.

This is something that many new players don’t realize. However, rare saddles can be attached to these mobs to allow them to ride them. They won’t have the same ability to control them as horses, so players will not be able ride them. Players will need to create a ‘Carrot on a Stick,’ which includes a carrot and a fishing pole to lure them forward while they are being ridden.

Players can name the pigs with name tags once they have placed a saddle on it. These mobs can be ‘tamed’ by players and kept as pets.

Even after being tamed that pig can be used to help Minecraft players breed more. Name tag and saddle texture are used to identify your pet among other pigs near it.

How to dewax your copper in Minecraft

You can place wax on copper in Minecraft to prevent it from oxidizing. The 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update introduced oxidization. This new feature will cause copper blocks to slowly turn green, unless it is prevented. This is where wax comes in.

A copper block can be kept at its initial stage by applying wax to it. However, oxidized blocks may look cooler and give the building an aged appearance. Although lightning strikes can also remove oxidization from copper blocks, wax is the most popular solution. It’s not permanent once it’s been added. You can remove it later.

How to remove wax from Minecraft copper block

Players will need an axe to remove wax from copper block. To remove wax from copper blocks, simply click an axe on them all. This will allow players to complete the Wax On, Wax Off achievement.

Players must add wax to the blocks in order to remove it from them. They will need to find wax to do this, which can prove difficult. It is rare for players to find a beehive.

Players will then need to set up a campfire under the hive to keep the bees safe. They can then use the shears to extract wax. However, if they don’t have one, they will need to find one.

There are a few differences in the spawn rates of different biomes. However, plains and sunflower plains (just 5.5%) have the highest rates. Other Minecraft biomes only have a.2% rate of spawn, which is almost impossible.

Then they can take the wax and place it on a block of copper. If necessary, they can remove the wax from the block using the axe.

Best ways to repair items in Minecraft

Minecraft, a sandbox-based game, was first released over a decade back. The game’s popularity has grown significantly over the years and has been updated many times.

There are so many features in Minecraft that beginners don’t know about. Minecraft has a number of useful features, including the ability to repair weapons and tools.

Guide to Repairing Items in Minecraft

Use a grinding table or crafting table

You can repair a tool the same way for the grinding stone and crafting table. Players must place the damaged tool along with another similar tool in the crafting grid. Unfortunately, the enchantments will not be retained on the repaired item.

Repair tools with an anvil

It is slightly more expensive to make anvils because you need three iron blocks and four iron Ingots (31/eight iron ingots total).

Players must place the same item in an anvil to repair it as in the crafting table. The enchantments are not removed by repairing an anvil, unlike with the grindstone.

You may be able to enchant the repaired item with new enchantments that were not available for the item that was lost. The enchantments of both tools may be the same, so the repaired item could have the same level.

To increase the durability of the tool’s construction, players can place the base material. To make wooden tools, you will need to use planks of wood, while diamonds are used for making diamond tools.

Players can increase the tool’s durability by adding more base material until it is completely repaired.

No matter how the player repairs tools using an anvil or not, it will take some experience.

Wolves in Minecraft dungeons

Wolves are a very useful mob in Minecraft Dungeons. While they are fun and useful in Minecraft and other games, their usefulness and importance is greater in Minecraft Dungeons. They’re used to aid players in fighting off mobs. They don’t live long, so their only purpose is to help players fight off mobs until they die.

Minecraft allows wolves to be tamed using bones. Sometimes they only eat one bone, but they will eat many before becoming tame. Then, they will follow the player. It doesn’t work that way in Minecraft Dungeons. Here’s how you can get them.

Minecraft Dungeons wolves do not just spawn as in Minecraft. They can be summoned with the summon command, but not in Minecraft. The Tasty Bone is an item that summons wolves to the side of the player in level.

These items can only be used if the player equips them before they begin the level. Minecraft Dungeons allows players to have three slots for their items. The items that players choose can be used at a specific level. However, the Tasty Bone is required to take up one slot.

If the original wolf is killed, the wolf can be summoned each 30 seconds. One wolf can be summoned at a given time. However, if the original summon has ended after 30 seconds, players can summon another Tasty Bone.

These unique abilities will be available to the wolves summoned:

In Minecraft Dungeons, Wolves can have armor that will allow them to fight longer and deal more damage. This improves their longevity which in turn helps them save Tasty Bones, and makes it easier to beat levels.

All armor types in Minecraft

Rmor is an equippable item that can be used in Minecraft. It is essential for all players. It can be worn by players to protect them from various damage types, including falling, fire and melee attacks.

There are many types of armor available in Minecraft. They range from netherite to leather in price. Each type of armor has its own specifications and players will need to find them in different ways.

This guide will show you how to make every kind of armor in Minecraft.


Even though leather is the least durable type of armor in Minecraft’s game, it is a great investment. With just 24 pieces of leather that players can obtain from mob killings, they can create a complete set.

You can also obtain leather armor in other ways. You can also find parts of it in loot chests at many buildings. It is particularly common in villages and shipwrecks. You can buy randomized pieces of leather armor through villager trading. Boots can also be purchased while you fish.

The most durable armor, golden armor, is less durable than leather armor. It will also wear much quicker than leather armor. While it can be used to distract piglins from their attention, golden armor is often used as a decorative item.

You can make golden armor using gold ingots. You can make a complete set with 24 ingots. Many hostile mobs might spawn in golden armor. This armor has the chance to drop when it is killed. It is not common to find gold armor in Nether fortresses or ruined portals.


Chainmail armor is perhaps the most difficult type of armor available in-game. It cannot be made in Vanilla Minecraft. However, players can still get it.

Chainmail armor can be obtained as a rare drop from zombies or skeletons. It can be purchased from villagers or buried treasure loot.

Iron armor is somewhere in the middle of protection value. However, it’s easy to access in Minecraft and makes it an invaluable addition to any Minecraft player’s arsenal.

A set of iron armor can be made by players using 24 iron ingots. Players can also trade with Minecraft’s villager mobs or look for it in loot boxes.


Diamond armor has one of Minecraft’s most protective types. You can create a complete set with 24 diamonds.

You can also find it in various loot chests of different structures. You may occasionally find it in abandoned cities, woodland mansions, or bastion remnants.


Netherite armor is the most expensive in Minecraft. It provides the most protection, but netherite armor can be very difficult to find. It can only be obtained by upgrading your diamond armor.

This takes a lot of time and resources. Players who want to make a complete set of netherite armour will need four netherite Ingots.

Best biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft has seen many biomes added and modified over its lifetime, resulting in a wide variety of worlds that offer different locations to players.

There are so many biomes in Minecraft that players might feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. You may not be able to tell how helpful certain resources, mobs, or generated structures are.

Mojang and the Minecraft community have a lot of information about biomes. This allows players to decide which biomes are most helpful and which can also be explored later.

5) Deep Oceans

Deep Oceans is a variant of Minecraft’s regular oceans. They are home to many structures, including shipwrecks and underwater ruins as well as the highly-coveted ocean monuments. These monuments can be found within Deep Ocean biomes and allow players to access rare materials such as prismarine. Ocean monuments can also be used as a farm location, since the elder guardians and guardians of these structures are solid sources for experience and other items like prismarine shards or crystals.

Deep Oceans can be dangerous but the rewards are well-worth it.

4) Jungles

The jungle biomes provide melons and cocoa beans in abundance. Even though melons and cocoa beans can be purchased elsewhere, jungles let players harvest them whenever they wish. You can create very tall trees from jungle wood or trees, with lots of vines.

There are many exotic animals like ocelots and parrots that roam the streets, making them great pets. These Minecraft biomes also have jungle pyramids that allow players to explore their depths and avoid traps to eventually find loot to take home.

3) Stony Peaks

Stony Peaks are a relatively new addition to Minecraft 1.18. Although they do not spawn passive mobs, this makes them look barren. There are many surface-level ores that can be mined throughout these mountain peaks.

Although the ores are varied, they include the likes emeralds. This makes them a great place to start for players who want early-game access and better-grade tools and weapons. Although these biomes are not for everyone, they are a boon to the ore-hungry miner.

2) End Highlands

End Highlands biomes, which are the only biomes in the End that can generate structures such as ships and cities, are one of the best sources of loot. You will also find chorus trees and shulkers.

End ships are the only source of Elytra in Minecraft standard survival. This is why these biomes are so sought-after. End Highlands are a late-game biome but have great loot for those who can navigate them safely.

1) Nether Wastes

Nether Wastes, the most prominent area of Minecraft’s Nether dimension are large locales that are mainly made of netherrack block. These biomes also have nether fortresses, which are home to the crucial blaze mobs required to complete the main story and defeat the boss ender dragon. Players are unable to create eyes of ender in order to open the portal into the End dimension without the blaze rods or powder.

Eender pearls are also essential to achieving the End. They can be obtained by players in the early and mid-game due to the presence of Nether Wastes piglins. These mobs are able to barter with players and will rarely trade ender pearls for golden ingots. It is home to blaze rods, ender pearls and other vital biomes that are essential for survival players and speedrunners.

Things to look out for in Lush caves

One of the most popular biomes in Minecraft 1.18 is the Lush Caves biome. Players jumped in the game as soon as the update was available in November 2021 to discover the new cave biomes. These new cave biomes offer many new experiences and items for players to collect.

Minecraft 1.18 allows players to search for the biome using an Azalea tree located on the surface. Lush Caves may even grow inside mountains or in large cave ravines due to the new world generation. The new cave biome allows players to gather many different types of items.

5) Flowering Azalea

Once players have entered the cave biome they will find small bushes known as Azalea or Flowering Azalea. These adorable little plants can only be found in this biome. You can either break them with any tool or hand. If bone meal is applied to them, they can be planted as a bush or can grow into Azalea trees.

Spore Blossoms

Spore Blossom flowers release small green particles, making this biome unique. These large, pink-colored flowers hang from a ceiling in the biome and emit small green particles throughout the area. They can also be broken by players to collect them.

3) Glow berries

The beautiful hanging glowberry vines are another striking feature of this biome. They are the main source of light in the biome and make it safer since less hostile mobs tend to spawn there. These can be broken by hand or using shears. You can use glow berries to decorate your home or as a food ingredient.

2) Small dripleaf

They aren’t the most popular or beautiful item in the biome. However, they are unique because they are hard to find. They can become large drip leaves, making them difficult to find. They can’t be grown by other methods and require shears to remove. They are only found in nature and cannot be grown by players.

1) Axolotls

Axolotls, which were introduced in Caves and Cliffs update Part 1, quickly became the most popular friendly mob in Minecraft. Axolotls were made exclusive to the Lush caves biome with the Minecraft 1.18 update. These cute mobs can be found in this biome if players wish to see them.

Turtle farming in Minecraft

A turtle shell can be used as both a helmet and a brewing ingredient in Minecraft. The Potion of the Turtle Master can be made by brewing it into a potion. It can be worn as a helmet to provide players with two levels of protection. This is the same as an Iron helmet. It is also more durable than iron and can breathe underwater for 10 seconds.

To get one, players will need scutes. They will be dropped by baby turtles when they become adult turtles. This is the only way to acquire them. Here are some ways to farm them.

Finding turtle eggs is the first step. These eggs can be spawned naturally or by players breeding turtles. To protect the eggs from any other mobs, gamers can build a fence around the eggs if they are found naturally. You can also move the eggs with a Silk Touch pickaxe.

If they don’t, they can breed turtles. They can lure them to a fence by holding seagrass. They will mate if they are fed seagrass and will hatch a baby turtle egg.

Each turtle farm should have the following:

A hopper is also helpful to collect scutes as they drop. Otherwise, Minecraft players might not be available and may despawn. To ensure that all scutes are pushed into the hoppers and chests, water should be flowing around the farm.

After a few days, the eggs usually hatch. The eggs will hatch after a few days. As they grow up, they will drop a scute.

Minecraft players may also give the baby turtles seagrass to speed up their growth. Once they are fully grown, you can breed them to produce more eggs or start over.

Hosting Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers are crucial in online and multiplayer gaming. Servers allow players to connect, which allows them to play together in games even though they may be located at different places. Players can interact with one another in games as long as they are connected to the same server. This allows both cooperative and competitive play. There are many online games, but Minecraft is the most well-known and popular. It allows players to connect with one another. Minecraft allows players to explore and create a world, while also surviving any potential dangers. While it is possible to play Minecraft solo, sharing worlds is one the game’s most important features. This can be achieved via remote virtualized servers.

To play Minecraft with others, you need a server. You can run a local server from your computer. However, you may also be able to use services that provide the server you require. You’ll learn more about Minecraft server hosting via an online service.

You will save money

If you want to play Minecraft with others, you will need a server. Your computer must be available 24 hours a day if you are using a local server. This can lead to higher utility bills. A typical computer running a server for Minecraft will draw at most 500W. You’ll spend almost $650 to run a Minecraft server if you keep the computer running at a cost of 15c perkWh. You can spend much less if you rent a server.

Network Enhancement and Reduced Latency

Hosting your own server can lead to many problems. Although it may seem simple, there are many things that could go wrong. Your internet service provider is crucial when you run a local server. Your internet speed will have an impact on your server’s performance. A server requires bandwidth. You could incur additional charges or slow down your internet speed if you use too much bandwidth. Your Minecraft server will run smoothly if it is hosted remotely. This will prevent lagging or other delays.

Constant availability

If a server is hosted locally, it must be available 24 hours a day if it wants to remain active. The server will disconnect if you turn off your computer. Every player on the server is then kicked off. Your server will always be accessible if you use a remote Minecraft server service. The server you use to play Minecraft with friends will always be available. There won’t be any downtime. You can play whenever you want.

Minecraft duplication plugin?

With its ability to speed up the growth of plants and trees, Bonemeal is a well-known item in Minecraft. One Reddit user created a plugin that duplicates End Crystals and Glow Squids and all other objects and creatures in Minecraft. Mods and Minecraft plugins have been around for as long as Minecraft has existed. Even simple plugins can make all the difference in survival mode.

Minecraft is still one of the most popular modded games, along with Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V. Mods Online and Nexus Mods have become hubs for gamers around the globe to share their knowledge and find new ways to play these games. There are so many Minecraft mods that can be applied to your game, no matter if it completely changes the layout or adds an element of story. One of the most impressive examples of modding is the Minecraft Twilight Forest adventure mod. It allows players to access long dungeons and dynamic boss battles. Plugins, on the other side, typically only change a few features of the game.

Redditor fishcute uploaded a video that shows how players can duplicate any item or creature by right-clicking and holding bonemeal. The video shows fishcute creating duplicates of a block, End Crystal pillar and Glow Squid. Right-clicking the object you desire will create at most one copy per bonemeal. The number of copies depends on the type of object. Fishcute can right-click the TNT to create up to 20 additional TNT blocks. However, duplicates of the End Crystal require a greater investment. A bonemeal can only produce three to four End Crystals per turn, which is the amount of End Crystals required by the game to revive the Ender Dragon. Redditor’s video ends abruptly with the destruction of End Crystals, Glow Squids, and End Crystals. The player’s TNT field explodes and ignites. This plugin can be used in conjunction with the Minecraft player’s horrifying mod for Ghasts. Players can create a terrifying confrontation for their friends.

Fishcute posted the link to BoneMealAnything from SpigotMC. SpigotMC is one of the most popular hubs for Minecraft server organizers. According to the creator of the plugin, they were inspired by popular Minecraft YouTuber iskall85. Redditor encourages users to contact him with questions about bonemeal’s default uses. Spigot has many thousand pages of these plugins available for download. Although BoneMealAnything is not as detailed as the Minecraft working chessboard plugin, which was posted by Reddit user CupofCode, it adds versatility to any survival server.

Many Minecraft players might be apprehensive about the utility of duplicate items in bulk. However, they can swap between creative mode at any moment to create unlimited stacks of any item. These plugins can only be used on multiplayer servers. Members might not like their friends going into creative mode, taking away the fun of the game. To be able duplicate an object, players will still need to find at least one object with this plugin. This method of exploiting resources is undoubtedly more fun than using creative mode.